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Alpine Ear Spray




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Alpine Ear Spray, 50ml, helps in the removal of earwax in a gentle & safe way.

Earwax provides natural protection of your ear and ear canal, but excessive or accumulated earwax can be quite uncomfortable.  Using Alpine Ear Spray on a regular basis can help prevent the excessive formation of earwax, and can reduce the chance of having to syringe your ears.

Using a mild and effective solution containing Polysorbate 80 that removes earwax more effectively than saline solutions.  Moreover, Alpine Ear Spray contains an extract of Chamomilla which both calms & soothes the ear canal.


Earplugs last longer

Safe to use nozzle that prevents excessive pressure on the eardrum

Complete instructions are included

Meets all requirements according to European Directive 93/42/EEV relating to medical devices Class II a





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