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Alpine Miniboxx


The Miniboxx comes standard with the packaging of the PartyPlug and the SwimSafe, but it can also be practical for other earplugs. Thanks to the convenient keychain, you can easily bring your Alpine earplugs to a concert, the swimming pool, on vacation, on the motorbike, or anywhere else.




The Miniboxx can be opened with one hand, so that you can use your other hand to hold a drink, the drill, or something else. The storage container is shaped like an egg and measures 4.5 cm x 1.5 cm. This allows you to store two Alpine earplugs.

This gadget is available in black or blue plastic. The black Miniboxx has a 10 cm cord chain, allowing you to attach it to your keys, bag or belt. The blue Miniboxx has a 22 cm rubber band, allowing you to wrap it around your wrist or to attach it to the strap of your bathing suit, or the zipper of your wetsuit.

The Miniboxx only offers room for Alpine earplugs. The SleepSoft and FlyFit earplugs do not fit in the Miniboxx due to the soft filter.


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